A Brief Intro

My name is Chris, and I have a Sixers problem… I am addicted to Sixers basketball…

Phew. Deep breath. Now that I got that off my chest, I’d like to briefly introduce myself. I am 33 years old, I live in Downingtown, PA and I’m a 4 for 4 guy, born and bred. I am a husband to an amazing wife, I love to cook, go to dog parks with our dog Kona, and stay active as much as possible through biking, going to the gym and jamming out to the latest alt band while I go for a run. My wife and I are huge Disney freaks. Side note: We are fully aware of its ridiculousness and do not care if others are laughing at us while singing “Friend Like Me” from Aladdin while going for a hike or laying on the beach.

Sports. Are. My. Life. Growing up in Lancaster, PA, I spent the majority of my childhood on the pitching mound or going to Veterans Stadium to watch the Phillies and Eagles. I grew up as your typical coach’s son, of a father who continues to be the hardest working person I’ve ever known. He always pushed me for excellence, and most importantly, taught me what it truly means to hate the Dallas Cowboys and Boston Celtics. He is sincerely my best friend and my inspiration. If I wasn’t at the Vet in the Spring, I was on the baseball field. Throughout my early years, the smell of pine, fresh cut grass and the sound of the sharp crack of the bat was literally my second home. I excelled in baseball as a pitcher, never losing a game in high school and becoming a walk-on southpaw at Temple University. However, my favorite time of the year was in the Fall when Franklin & Marshall College would open training camp and I got to watch my favorite Sixer players practice. This is where I drew inspiration from some of the all-time Sixer greats, including Hersey Hawkins, Shawn Bradley, Johnny Dawkins and Dana Barros. Well, um, sort of. In my free time as a child, you would find me in the neighborhood cul-de-sac with a basketball, trampoline and a lowered rim while doing my best Shawn Kemp/NBA Jam impersonations.

After obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at Temple, I found my passion working with children with the diagnosis of Autism. I quickly learned that this was something I wanted to further pursue. I obtained my Masters in Special Education and state license in Behavior Analysis and have been working as a Behavior Specialist for the past 8 years following Applied Behavior Analysis interventions with an emphasis on working with nonverbal children. As a Behavior Specialist, I create and implement behavior modifications, positive behavior support plans, and implement strategies for developing appropriate behaviors for children in schools and homes all throughout Chester County. Other than my family and my dog, I am all Autism. All the time. 247. I am deeply passionate for the kids I work with, and I am so blessed to have known and developed relationships with all the great teachers, families and children throughout Chester County.

I cannot wait to share my love for Sixers with everyone and I am truly honored to do so alongside Brian, Jason and Dave. I will do my best to keep the language to PG13, although that is not a promise. My main interests include college basketball, the NBA draft, summer league basketball, making fun of really big collars and, of course, trusting the process. I am a huge fan of the process. In fact, the night I got engaged with my wife was the same night Jrue was traded to the Pelicans and The Process truly began. One could say our marriage is deeply tied to the future success of the Sixers. I couldn’t argue with that. That’s a little about me, and so it goes without saying…

THIS. STARTS. NOW. (Sorry, I had to do it)

Favorite Flicks: Almost Famous, American Beauty, Jurassic Park, The Incredibles
Favorite Bands: The Offspring, Rage Against the Machine, Jimmy Eat World, Something Corporate