Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers Reach Agreement to Draft Eve Trade

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Lakers have agreed to a trade on the eve of the NBA Draft. The Sixers are sending the 39th pick in tomorrow night’s draft to LA for Chicago’s 2019 second-round pick, along with money for Josh Harris.

Being that Philadelphia has already received the maximum amount of cash for the 2017-18 NBA year, the trade, According to Bobby Marks of ESPN, can not be completed until early July.

One worry out there is that the 76ers just lost a trade asset. The fact of the matter is that Philadelphia does not have enough roster spots for six draft picks (they now own five in the 2018 draft after this trade). A trade was bound to happen.

The chances of the Chicago Bulls 2019 second rounder being better than the 39th pick are definitely there, which makes this push-out move definitely worth it. Stay tuned for tomorrow night’s NBA Draft, which will be live-Tweeted from the Sixers Front Office Twitter account.